Saturday, 9/19/15

The garden is the most beautiful I’ve seen it in a long time. In particular, Texas Star Hibiscus, Salvia, Beauty Berry, Plumbago, and Firebush are all looking very good.

I was disappointed that only the Master Gardener and I were present.

IMG_20150919_095752 IMG_20150919_095841 IMG_20150919_095855 IMG_20150919_095904 IMG_20150919_095913 IMG_20150919_095923 IMG_20150919_095951 IMG_20150919_100047 IMG_20150919_100100 IMG_20150919_100114 IMG_20150919_100124 IMG_20150919_100140 IMG_20150919_100157 IMG_20150919_100200 IMG_20150919_100207 IMG_20150919_100217 IMG_20150919_100235 IMG_20150919_100246 IMG_20150919_100258 IMG_20150919_100316 IMG_20150919_100330 IMG_20150919_100339


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