the newly planted Discovery Garden

Mere days after the Discovery Garden was planted.

This blog is independent of the City of West Columbia, TX, but operates in support of the Discovery Garden located in First Capitol Park. Anyone can read, post, and comment to this blog.

Click here for the Discovery Garden web pages at the City of West Columbia’s web site.

The Discovery Garden was planted in the spring of 2014, funded by a grant from TNMP.  It is designed as a butterfly garden, and is an  urban garden that “showcases local, drought-resistant crops suitable for the hot, sunny areas,” says the West Columbia  website.

For Sam Stamport, who spearheaded the Discovery Garden project, the garden represents more than just a pleasant walkway through a park. It models a a landscape suited to  its  local environment on several levels. From the native plants; to the sun, drought and heat tolerance of these native plants; to the attraction of butterflies and other pollinators; to the beauty of flowering bushes and small herbaceous plants; to the perennial growth habits there is much to be learned about nature and beauty to be enjoyed in this small garden.

The blog will express our interests in gardening, in nature, in urban design, in sustainability, and in whatever strikes our fancy for a time.

This blog is also a communication tool for those who volunteer to help maintain the Discovery Garden, those involved with the garden because they work in or for the city, and anyone who has ideas or suggestions about making city gardens and parks better and more useful.  Those who work for West Columbia are fully welcome to join in.

Finally, this blog is for the sharing of ideas with anyone who is interested in joining in, whether they are involved in the Discovery Garden, gardening , or not.  Just join in.

~byvalerie and sstamport

(Valerie Coskrey) (Sam Stamport)

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