Sunday, 8/30/15

It’s a beautiful day in First Capitol Park and it’s not too late for you to enjoy it as well.

The area around the Discovery Garden had been freshly mowed. Plumbago was electrifying in it’s blue beauty. Firebush was a gorgeous red and Texas Star Hibiscus was blooming.

After I finished transplanting a small Firebush that came up in the walkway I weeded and enjoyed the relatively cool weather and cloud cover. I discovered that Firebush has a very long tap root.

I was finally able to identify the name of the Butterfly Bush. It is Asclepias curassavica.

Asclepias curassavica

When I finished my chores I listened to my favorite music and enjoyed the beauty of the garden. After a while a nice couple walked by and I gave them a tour of the garden. They were very nice and quite knowledgeable about plants. It was a wonderful time of renewal. Please go out and experience what I experienced.


Wednesday, 8/26/15

I removed Salvia that was too close to Texas Mountain Laurel and Beauty Berry. I also removed some Muhly Grass that was too close to Lantana.

I weeded. The weather was very nice.

Butterfly Weed, Plumbago, Vitex, Firebush, and Salvia are looking good.

Saturday, 8/22/15

The Master Gardener and I planted Copper Plant and dug up one of the Flax Lily plants. Flax Lily will be planted downtown in the front of the little garden next to the museum.

Plants in the Discovery Garden were looking good since it rained.

Sunday, 8/16/15

Balsamillo responds to water. Not much is needed. Firebush likes more water.

Vitex, Firebush, and Balsamillo are looking good.

I believe I saved Texas Mountain Laurel, but they look pitiful.

I fertilized and watered Plumbago.I watered other plants and weeded.

Showers are finally in the area.

Sunday, 8/9/15

I watered today.

Butterflies and bees are everywhere.

Vitex and Firebush are doing well.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

I’ve never seen it so dry.

I watered Plumbago, Firebush, Beauty Berry, and Texas Mountain Laurel.

Vitex and Firebush looking good.

Sunday, 8/2/15

It’s a nice summer day in the park. The lower humidity makes all the difference!

I delighted in seeing a dad flying kites with his kids.

Salvia and Beauty Berry are responding to water. It’s too early to tell if Texas Mountain Laurel has survived.

Plumbago and Firebush are looking good.

I watered and weeded. Weeding is now virtually finished.